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 RETURN TO THE LOBBY                                                                                                                                                                                                           THE OCEAN LINER VIRTUAL MUSEUM


~ Retrospective and Renaissance ~


Written by Philip Dawson

Foreword by Stephen Payne

 (Chief Naval Architect of the RMS Queen Mary 2)


 Published June 2005, R.R.P. Ł30.00


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Large ships have always evoked awe and nostalgia among people, and none more so than the giant liners of the 19th and 20th centuries. They sailed the oceans with a wide range of passengers long before any other mode of long-distance transport was available to the ordinary man. Their sheer size and opulence were genuinely admired and frequently amazed at around the world, and the romance and tragedy surrounding them has ensured an enduring place in the hearts and minds of those who served or travelled on them as well as those who have only ever seen their like in literature or on film.


Here, for the very first time, the history of these vessels is recounted with a full exploration into their design, construction and development, along with a social history of those who worked and travelled on them. The well-known favourites such as Mauretania, Olympic, and Titanic, Bremen, Europa and the Cunard Queens are looked at in a fresh new light in the context of emerging and changing lifestyles. The book also offers detailed information on some of the lesser known but equally significant ships such as l’Atlantique, Empress of Britain, and Cap Arcona. The story is brought full circle with a discussion of the liner's increasing influence on cruise ship design and what is sure to be the ultimate triumph of the ocean liner, Cunard Line’s new RMS Queen Mary 2 which has initiated a new liner era for the 21st Century and rekindled public interest in the ocean liner and their cousin and successor – the cruise ship.


The book is beautifully illustrated throughout with original and contemporary illustrations in both colour and black-and-white, artworks, posters and plans; it includes many interior and exterior photographs of the magnificent new RMS Queen Mary 2. This magnificent book is sure to become a must have for liner enthusiasts and maritime historians alike. The illustrations alone are a goldmine of period pieces, industrial splendour and style.

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