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Welcome to the lobby. Below is the information desk which gives some more information about the Ocean Liner Virtual Museum. Also below are the Galleries and the External Galleries. Throughout the website any links to external websites will open up in a new window. When this happens you will be leaving the Ocean Liner Virtual Museum website. So when you leave this website we hope you have enjoyed your visit to us today and will return again soon.

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The Galleries
The Cunarders
P.O.S.H. - The Ships of P&O

S.V. City of Adelaide 1864

~ The Last of the Passenger Clipper Ships ~
~ The Sailing Predecessor of the Ocean Liners ~

RMS Britannia 1840
   RMS Caronia 1905        RMS Carmania 1905
RMS Lusitania       RMS Mauretania      RMS Aquitania
RMS Mauretania (2) 1938
         RMS Saxonia         RMS Ivernia     RMS Carinthia    RMS Sylvania
    RMS Queen Mary         RMS Queen Elizabeth    RMS Queen Elizabeth 2    
    RMS Queen Mary 2     M/S Queen Victoria         M/S Queen Elizabeth

S/S Viceroy of India 1929
   S/S Corfu        S/S Carthage
   S/S Strathnaver        S/S Strathaird
RMS Strathmore 1935
S/S Canton 1938

RMS Rajula 1926 S/S Dwarka 1947
RMS Karanja 1948 S/S Uganda 1952

RMS Orion 1935 RMS Orcades 1948
S/S Oriana 1960

RMS Empress of Britain 1930

The Millionaires Ships
RMS Monarch of Bermuda          RMS Queen of Bermuda

M/S Dominion Monarch 1938 S/S Southern Cross 1955

RMMV Athlone Castle 1936 RMS Edinburgh Castle 1947
RMS Pendennis Castle 1957 RMS Windsor Castle 1960

RMMV Reina del Pacifico 1931 S/S Reina del Mar 1956

S.S. Empire Windrush 1947-1954 M/S Aureol 1951
S.S. Camito 1956

M/S Centaur 1964 RMS St Helena 1990

S.S. Ile de France 1926
S/S Normandie 1932
S/S Liberte 1950
S/S France 1962
M/S La Marseillaise 1949
M/S Pasteur 1966

S.S. Europa 1930

S/S Principe Perfeito 1961
S/S Infante dom Henrique 1961
S/S Funchal 1961

M/S Johan van Oldenbarnevelt (JVO) 1930
S/S Nieuw Amsterdam 1938
M/S Oranje 1938 M/S Willem Ruys 1947

S/S Olympia 1953

M/S Stockholm 1938
M/S Kungsholm 1965

S/S United States 1952
S/S Independence 1950 Nuclear Ship SAVANNAH 1959
S/S Del Norte 1946
S.S. Santa Rosa 1932
S.S. Santa Rosa 1958
S.S. Malolo 1926
S.S. Mariposa 1931
S.S. Monterey 1932 S.S. Lurline 1932
S.S. Monterey 1956

T.S.M.V. Moonta 1931

RMS Awatea 1936

M/S Hikawa Maru 1930
The Japanese Trans-Pacific Express Duo
                                    Asama Maru                 Tatsuta Maru
M/S Brazil Maru 1954

The External Ship Galleries
Please note that these are external websites, so you will be leaving the Ocean Liner Virtual Museum website.
We hope that you have enjoyed your visit to us today and will return again soon.
S/S Great Britain 1843
RMS Empress of Asia 1913
RMS Rangitiki 1928
RMS Empress of Japan / Empress of Scotland 1930
The Troopship Oxfordshire 1955
S/S Canberra 1961
S/S Rotterdam 1958
S/S Michelangelo and S/S Raffaello 1965
M/S Cap San Diego (1962)
S/S Brasil and S/S Argentina 1958
RMS Olympic and RMS Caronia RMS Caronia - The Green Goddess
S.S. La Palma (1912)
S/S Stefan Batory 1968 - 1988
Hospital Ship Britannic 1914
RMS Republic 1903
S/S Imperator 1912
M/S Pilsudski 1934
RMS Olympic - The Original Ship of Dreams
The Rex 1930
Wilhelm Gustloff 1937
RMS Majestic 1922 - 1935
M.S. Shota Rustaveli 1968
M.S. Dalmacija 1965

Southampton Tug Tender
S.S. Calshot (1929)
White Star Line First & Second Class Tender
S.S. Nomadic (1911)

Cork Harbour Tug Tender
M.V. Cill Airne (1961)

The External Online Exhibitions
Maritime Matters
SS Maritime by Reuben Goossens
Mark Perry's Ship Geek Collection The Voyage of the St Louis in 1939
Royal Mail Lines
The Red Duster
British Merchant Navy Maritime Information Archive

Ships of State - The Great Atlantic Liners
Royal Regals - A History of Ocean Liners
Shipwrecks - Time Capsules of Human Civilisation PortCities UK
The Atlantic Liners
The Last Ocean Liners
The Holland America Line Postcard Reference Library
The Ships of Ward Line
The Blue Riband of the North Atlantic
Gare Maritime - A Journey into the Golden Age of Travel
PBS The Lost Liners
Serving the Liners of the Western Ocean

Great Ships Monsters of the Sea - The Great Ocean Liners
The Lancastria Disaster
The Lusitania Medallion
Aberdeen Built Ships
Clydebuilt Ships
WW2 Troopships
Tribute to Swedish American Line
Travel Brochure Graphics
Vintage Labels - The Lost Art of Travel
Simplon Postcards
Raeth Postcards
Maritime Timetable Images by Bjorn Larsson
The P&O Strath Sisters
Ships of the Orient on Postcards
Blue Star Line
Ben Line
BIShip - British India Steam Navigation Co.
Merchant Navy Officers
Elder Dempster Lines
Merchant Navy Nostalgia
Merchant Navy Association (MNA)
Cruising the Past

Porthcurno Telegraph Museum
The Guglielmo Marconi Foundation
Connected Earth
How Communication Shapes the World

Marconi Calling
Atlantic Cable - The History of the Atlantic Cable and Submarine Telegraphy
The Virtual Museum of Telecommunications

Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild
Encyclopedia Titanica
Cobh - The Queenstown Story
The Ships List - The Gjenvik-Gjonvik Archives Norway Heritage - Hands Across the Sea
Moving Here - 200 Years of Migration to England - A Journey of Discovery
Castle Garden - America's First Immigration Centre New York City
Ellis Island - The American Immigration History Centre New York City
Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation
San Francisco, California
Pier 21 - The Gateway to Canada
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Canadian War Brides of the Second World War The American War Brides Experience
GI Brides of the Second World War

Immigration Museum, Melbourne, Australia
Immigration Heritage Centre, Sydney, Australia
Port of Dreams - BallinStadt
Emigrant World Hamburg
The City of the Sea Museum, Cherbourg Gare Maritime
International Maritime Museum, Hamburg
German Maritime Museum, Bremerhaven
South Street Seaport Museum, New York
Maritime Museum Rotterdam
NYK Maritime Museum, Yokohama
Australian National Maritime Museum
Darling Harbour, Sydney

New Zealand National Maritime Museum, Auckland
RMS Queen Mary
Long Beach, California, USA

S.S. Rotterdam
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Tourism Links to Ocean Liner Countries
Visit Britain
The Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions
France Tourism
Germany Tourism
Italy Tourism
Portugal Tourism
Greece National Tourism Organisation
Belgium - Visit Flanders
Belgium - Visit Brussels & Wallonia
Croatia National Tourism Board
Russia Tourism
Visit Sweden
Visit Norway
Visit Poland
Israel Tourism
Canary Islands Tourism Board
Spain Tourism
Brazil Tourism Portal
Incredible India
Discover America
Canada Tourism
South Africa Tourism
Japan National Tourism Organisation
Australia Tourism
Destination New Zealand

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