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In this section we present some interesting video clips discovered on You Tube and various other websites. We hope you enjoy them. Note that to view some you may need to upgrade your Quicktime or other applications if appropriate.

Also have a look at the Ship Geek website ( which has a wonderful collection of video clips etc.

Featured Video Clips from "You Tube"

 A Tribute to the Ocean Liners at Risk

A mournful video set to music in tribute to some of the great ocean liners at risk. Appropriately it closes with a black screen. Liners featured include S/S France, S/S United States, S/S Independence and RMS Windsor Castle.

1920s RMS Olympic and S/S Nomadic Video Clip

RMS Titanic Video Clip
Part 1:
Part 2:

A Celebration of the RMS Titanic, including extracts of James Cameron's famous film.

The Olympic Class Liners

An awesome tribute to the Olympic class liners of White Star Line.

The Building of the Olympic Class Liners

The story of the construction of the Olympic class liners set to music.

The Legendary S/S Normandie

Celebrating this French icon - the S/S Normandie.

A Tribute to the S/S France

A fond farewell to the magnificent S/S France using a slideshow of pictures set to music.

The Former S/S France leaves Bremerhaven, Germany

Film footage of the former S/S France leaving Bremerhaven, Germany on what turned out to be her final voyage bound for Alang, India via Cape Town and Port Klang, Malaysia.

S/S France / S/S Norway - The Grand Dame

A celebration of the S/S France.

Another Tribute to the S/S France

A fond farewell to the mighty S/S France.

Farewell to the S/S France

A last farewell to the glorious S/S France.

A Tribute to the S/S Norway

A final farewell to the magnificent S/S France / S/S Norway.

The Legend of the S/S United States

A celebration of America's flagship - the S/S United States.

The United States - The First Lady of the Sea

The signature song of the S/S United States set to a slideshow of pictures.

The Big U - The Story of the S/S United States film trailer

The Big U - film trailer introducing the story of the S/S United States.

A Cruise on board the S/S United States in 1964

A home video of a cruise on board the S/S United States

Albert Ballin's Big Three

Celebrating Albert Ballin's Big Three ocean liners: the Imperator, Vaterland and Bismark.

RMS Aquitania

Celebrating Cunard Line's magnificent RMS Aquitania.

RMS Queen Mary

A celebration of the world famous RMS Queen Mary.

RMS Queen Mary and the Yarrow Project
Part 1:
Part 2:

A presentation telling the story of the Queen Mary and also outlining the Yarrow Project to recreate the machinery of the Queen Mary and restore her former glory to rejuvenate her as a flagship tourist attraction for Long Beach, California, USA.

S/S Malolo and S/S Mariposa

A home film archive of Matson Line's Malolo and Mariposa, from around the 1920s or 30s.

RMS Queen Mary transatlantic crossing in the 1950s

A home film archive of a transatlantic crossing on board the RMS Queen Mary in the 1950s.

RMS Queen Elizabeth transatlantic crossing in 1947

A home film archive of a transatlantic crossing on board the RMS Queen Elizabeth in 1947.

RMS Queen Mary brings the troops home at the end of the Second World War

Newsreel footage of Queen Mary bringing the troops home.

RMS Queen Mary arrives in Long Beach, California, USA after her final voyage from Southampton

Archive film footage of the Queen Mary's arrival in Long Beach.

RMS Queen Mary - The Final Voyage
Part 1:
Part 2:

Narrated slide show celebrating the final voyage of the Queen Mary.

S/S Oceanic cruises to the Bahamas in 1966

A home film archive of a cruise on board the S/S Oceanic to the Bahamas.

The crew of the QE2 sing "Amarillo" on the 2006 World Cruise.

A hilarious charity video from the world famous QE2 of the crew singing Tony Christie's "Amarillo"!

RMS St Helena - The Last Ocean Mailship in the World

A fascinating introduction by Tim Wonnacott to the RMS St Helena and the island she serves.

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